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MVCI Server

Accessing the Programming Interface of the ISO MVCI Server with Your Own Applications.

The use of Softing SDE.mvci for the development of proprietary applications enables users to gain full access to diagnostic functions in their own applications based on the ISO 22900-3/ASAM MCD-3D standardized API. 


  • Developers of diagnostic and flash programming tools
  • Creators of test sequences in engineering, the test environment and manufacturing
  • Developers of repair shop testers and test sequences for the repair shop


  • Offline and online access to diagnostic information – ODX data as diagnostic specifications 
  • Parameterization of diagnostic services
  • Execution and symbolic evaluation of diagnostic services – working with physical variables
  • Parameterization of the diagnostic protocol
  • Hardware and system parameterization



Verified by the ASAM Test Suite

Softing DTS.cos is part of Softing’s Diagnostic Tool Set product family and makes it possible for user applications to access the programming interface of the ISO MVCI Server. Verified by extensive tests in accordance with the ASAM test suite, DTS COS is largely compatible with all relevant standards. Extensive trace functions enable developers and engineers to quickly detect errors in their own applications or in the communication with the ECUs.


Top Performance

In addition to the advantage of being able to use ODX and various bus protocols via VCIs made by various manufacturers, several ECUs can be accessed simultaneously or an entire vehicle can be accessed via different bus systems. If required, communication can also take place via several VCIs in parallel.


Faster Creation of Individual Applications

The API Developer Kit for the ISO MVCI Server contains a special test application alongside the comprehensive documentation and the programming examples. This makes it possible for engineers to establish communication to the vehicle or individual ECUs immediately, i.e. without their own application development. Using a special configuration API, the runtime system can be configured entirely by an external application in terms of VCIs, projects etc.

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