NEW: Softing TDX Release 2.2 Enables the Dynamic Loading & Supplementing of Diagnostic Projects

A frequent challenge for diagnostics in the field, particularly in the machine environment, is that the ECU configuration of the machine is not known in advance and that a diagnostic project may have to be adapted or supplemented dynamically during runtime. With the new release 2.2 of the repair shop tool Softing TDX, it is possible to load and even supplement diagnostic projects dynamically, depending on the machine configuration.

With the help of a superordinate master project, the ECUs and their variants in the machine can be identified during runtime. Using the configuration determined in this way, Softing TDX can load further, vehicle-specific projects (“switching”) or supplement existing content with additional ECU- or variant-specific project content (“merging”).

This concept makes it possible to dynamically adapt diagnostic projects according to brand or series as well as automatically adapt them according to installation or equipment while in use.

The dynamic loading of project content and its use can be controlled in detail using Softing TDX.admin with its configurable role models and user access authorization.

Highlights Softing TDX version 2

  • Central management of user access rights, functions and software updates
  • Dynamic loading of content
  • Integration of the customer CMS
  • Customer's own back end/logistics database
  • Platform-independent presentation of graphics accurate to the pixel with Qt/QML

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