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Invitation to the Virtual Softing Diagnostic Convention 2020

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Newsletter 06/2020

Newsletter 10/2019

Newsletter 05/2019

Newsletter 11/2018

  • Remote Access to Vehicle with Diagnostics 4.0
  • Softing DTS 8 Release 14
  • Realization of Service Tester Applications with Softing TDX
  • New Vehicle Interface VIN|ING 2000
  • Softing SDE: Intelligent Runtime System for Future Diagnostic Tasks
  • RGC-PCIe: High-Performace PC Plug-in Board for Measurement Technology Applications
  • Upcoming Events

Newsletter English 05/2018

  • GDPR - Let’s stay in touch!
  • VIN|ING 2000: Powerful VCI for Manufacturing & Service
  • Testing Expo Europe 2018
  • DTS 9 - Coming soon!
  • Softing Automotive Product Catalog 2018
  • Upcoming Events

Newsletter English 02/2018

  • Softing DTS Monaco – Release 13 with CAN-FD Support
  • Simple Implementation of Highly Automated Test Environments - with Softing's OTX Runtime
  • VIN|ING 1000 – Compact USB Interface for Vehicle Electronics
  • MA04.1 – High Sampling Rates in Automotive Measurement Technology
  • Offline Data Analysis Tool as a PC Extension for Mobile Vehicle Diagnostics

Newsletter English 09/2015

  • Testing Expo North America 2015 - mobile apps, measuring and test systems, as well as vehicle
  • Diagnostic Tool Set 8: complete solution for vehicle diagnostics – Release 10
  • INFO for long-term customers – discontinuation of DTS 7
  • Testing and verifying vehicle electronics (video)
  • Softing Automotive – extends its operation in the US
  • DoIP – remote and high-speed diagnostics via Ethernet/IP
  • HSC - one of the smallest vehicle interfaces in the world

Newsletter English 07/2015

  • Smartphone, Tablet and Apps - mobile test drives and diagnostics
  • Softing TDX for Diagnostics and Flash Programming
  • The path is the goal – SMT: Softing measurement technology
  • Diagnostics – ODX, OTX, UDS and other market standards
  • Testing Expo North America
  • Softing Automotive – Extends its operation in the US
  • Regional landing pages – what is your preferred language?
  • Free ODX and OTX information poster
  • Upcoming seminars on ODX, OTX and Softing Automotive products

Newsletter English 11/2014

  • Diagnostic Tool Set 8 Release 9.1: Complete solution for vehicle diagnostics extended and improved
  • Softing TDX - flexible solution for diagnostics and flash programming in after-sales services, the repair shop and in road tests
  • App development for vehicle test and diagnostics
  • Latest issue – Softing Automotive Product Catalog 2015
  • Measuring software PEA 2.5.3 – always fully in the picture
  • DTS 8 Diagnostic Tool Set – system overview (video)
  • Upcoming seminars Softing Automotive
  • Windows XP- information Softing products
  • Review - Automotive Testing Expo China – Windhill and Softing
  • Softing Automotive donates "fleet" to SOS Kinderdorf Germany
  • Events

Newsletter English 06/2014

  • Testing Expo Europe 2014 – news from Softing and Samtec
  • OTX Studio: new tool views for the entire user spectrum
  • Mobile OnBoard Diagnostics via app, tablet and smartphone
  • Softing Measurement Technology: “SMT goes FlexRay”
  • Test engineering for e-mobility – a success story
  • The complete ODX standard at a glance - free ODX poster
  • TestCUBE2: frontloading in test preparation and regression tests
  • User-oriented training sessions from Softing
  • Events & tradeshows

Newsletter English 02/2014

  • Diagnostic Tool Set Version 8.05 available: end-to-end solution for vehicle diagnostics with lots of new functions and improvements
  • Measuring and analysis tool “CanEasy” now also available for Softing EDIC interfaces
  • Specialist article: all-in-one tester for vehicle diagnostics
  • Modern automotive measurement: Bigger, higher, further ...
  • Global representatives - NEW Italy (Data Job) and USA (Logena)
  • Website in Chinese language launched
  • User-oriented training sessions from Softing
  • Save 20% and more with Softing – CTI Congress Stuttgart
  • Events & trade show

Newsletter English 10/11 2013

  • Softing Automotive Electronics Releases New Version of the Diagnostic Tool Set 
  • CanEasy 4.0.20: Interface Portfolio Extension  
  • Automotive Measurement Technology – Armed for the Future  
  • Paradigm Change in Vehicle Manufacture: Island-Based Diagnostics vs. Continuous WLAN Diagnostics Alongside Manufacture  
  • D-PDU API: Simplified Access with “EasyPDU”  
  • OTX Studio: Optimizing Diagnostics with Standardized Test Sequences
  • Communication Interfaces: Discontinuation of the Series CANcard2-CAR and EDICcard2  
  • Save the Date