Solution Spotlights

Take a look at our Solution Spotlights, a specially prepared collection of short videos in which we use practical examples to show you industry-specific challenges in automotive electronics as well as concrete approaches to solutions and their benefits.

The series is aimed at both experts and newcomers from the fields of engineering, manufacturing and even after-sales who want to expand their knowledge of innovative solutions in vehicle diagnostics.

Remote Diagnostics

Tasks in remote diagnostics can be realized efficiently with a remote-capable engineering tester. Teams distributed around the world can thus work together. Procedures which are constantly repeated, e.g. accessing test objects or reading out the error memory, can be performed quickly and easily. With remote access, e.g. using Softing DTS.monaco combined with the vehicle communication interface VIN|ING 2000, travel costs for employees become obsolete.The process-safe documentation of communication data and test results enables a high-quality diagnostic solution through simple and intuitive operation – partly with direct central connection to IT systems. In this video, you will learn how to perform diagnostic tasks from a distance via remote access and how directly retrievable data is available to you even during a test drive.

Digital Data Platform in Aftersales

Targeted repair and maintenance as well as the rollout of software updates play an essential role in after-sales as vehicle architectures become increasingly complex. Adaptive, digital platforms are particularly important when it comes to providing repair shops with the best possible support in meeting these challenges. Repair times, the exchange of components as well as the updating of software should be carried out as quickly and transparently as possible, depending on the requirements. As a complete solution for after-sales, Softing TDX offers exactly this agility. The integrated tool solutions – Softing, Softing TDX.admin and Softing TDX.workshop – make it possible to independently create and maintain a diagnostic tester to suit individual requirements. Furthermore, the platform-independent repair shop tester Softing TDX makes it possible to integrate feedback from technicians into the system, roll out software updates and control these centrally, as well as aid mechanics on site with remote support by involving an expert from a distance. In this video, you find out how these tasks can be efficiently managed with the Softing TDX tool chain.

Efficient Regression Testing with a Diagnostic Simulation

Regression tests can be consistently implemented in vehicle diagnostics with an efficient diagnostic simulation. Even when ECUs or vehicles are not available, functional overall tests can be simulated, thus optimizing test coverage and avoiding errors or rework in the field. In this video, we show you how Softing TCS helps you to save time, increase quality and reduce costs. A particular advantage is the case-oriented generation of the simulation, which is made possible by the trace import. This makes use much easier and more efficient. Discover the efficiency of diagnostic simulation with Softing TCS.

Test Automation with OTX

The automation of diagnostic processes is essential as the complexity and number of ECUs increase. Softing offers a simple and efficient solution for the creation and evaluation of test sequences through the use of the OTX-Standards (ISO 13209). This enables the seamless integration of various diagnostic tasks and rapid generation of meaningful reports based on diagnostic responses.

Automated ECU Communication Tests

With automated communication tests, the large number of ECUs and their variants as well as the wide variety of diagnostic services and parameterizations can be conveniently verified. With the "Test Case Editor" in Softing, the validation of ECUs is created quickly and easily by using drag & drop function. It is also possible to visualize the results in XML or HTML format and map the statistics of the test campaigns. In this video you can see how simple it is to create ECU communication tests.

Optimized Test Preparation with a Diagnostic Simulation

The use of simulation in test preparation allows for the verification of test routines and the entire test setup during development. This eliminates the need for time-consuming loops for troubleshooting, enabling the actual testing to begin as soon as the device under test (DuT) arrives. The use of simulation files with integrated diagnostic protocols enables simple variant creation with minimal set-up times.
Discover how ODX-based diagnostic simulation optimises your test sequence, reduces effort and ensures precise fault detection. Furthermore, we will demonstrate how to create an ODX-based project with Softing TCS.admin, automatically generate a diagnostic simulation and manually adjust the parameters in the generated simulation.

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