RP 1210

Programming interface for accessing diagnostic interfaces

The RP1210 is a programming interface classified as a “recommended practice” that, in particular, is used for accessing diagnostic interfaces in the truck environment. It is used to access the bus systems J1708/J1587, CAN, J1939 and J1850. The main application areas are programming, diagnostics and analysis, whereby similar to the case of the SAE J2534, the diagnostic interface can be used regardless of the OEM - a clear advantage for the repair shop.

Softing Experience

Thanks to many years of experience in the truck VCI sector, Softing has extensive expertise with RP1210. This is based both on prototype implementations and on customized solutions developed over the last few years.

RP 1210 Solutions

 Diagnostic VCIs Customer-specific implementations for the VCIs of the VIN|ING family

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