Automotive Electronics

Authoring Systems for ODX, OTX and automated test cases

Authoring systems are used for the structured description of diagnostic and test information. Ideally, these descriptions can then be further processed directly by the applications: the classic single-source principle. Today, diagnostic communication is described in a standardized form in ODX. Generic test cases should be created in one tool that can also be used in the test and can access existing test environments.

Softing provides solutions for the ODX database that both appeal to the ODX "architect" and can also be used by the ECU specialists at the OEM and the supplier. Test automation allows generic test cases to be created long before the actual tests take place – without a specimen having to be available.



Softing DTS.venicePowerful ODX 2.2 Authoring System for Diagnostic Experts and Developers of Vehicle ECUs
Softing OTX.studioAll-in-one development environment for diagnostic sequences. Creating, implementing and debugging diagnostic and test sequences.
ECU-TESTTest automation solution for all cases of diagnostic application. DTS.cos and EDIABAS integration are available by default as diagnostic solutions