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    Sponsoring municHMotorsport e.V.

    Softing Automotive supports the student racing team at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Softing Automotive sponsors the Formula Student racing team municHMotorsport e. V. of the Munich University of Applied Sciences and supports the racing team in vehicle and software development and engineering.

We are proud to have been a sponsor of municHMotorsport e.V., the Formula Student racing team of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, since the season 22/23. At Softing Automotive, we are impressed by the innovation and passion of municHMotorsport e.V. and its commitment to Formula Student. Our partnership focuses on strengthening the racing team in the areas of vehicle electronics and software engineering. We are working together to further put into practice the racing team's guiding principle "From textbook to racetrack".

Support from Softing Automotive

With over 40 years of experience in automotive electronics, we are pleased to support municHMotorsport in the following areas:

Parameterization of ECUs

In racing, the parameterization of ECUs plays a central role in the individual optimization of vehicle characteristics. Targeted adjustments can be made to optimally adapt the vehicle’s reactions to suit specific racing conditions, such as different track surfaces or weather constellations. This ensures maximum performance and increases the chances of success in competition.

Optimization of the Scrum Method

Agile project management is of great importance if you want to be successful in the dynamic world of motorsport. Together with municHMotorsport e.V., we work on optimizing the scrum method in the processes to increase efficiency, transparency and collaboration in the team.

Residual Bus Simulation

Residual bus simulations are crucial in competition as they ensure correct and trouble-free communication between the various electronic components. As not all system components are always available during the engineering phase, the residual bus simulation replicates missing ECU signals. Softing presented both the concept and the methodology, and conducted initial tests with the team. Although municHMotorsport is not yet using this technology, it shows great potential for increasing efficiency and reliability throughout vehicle electronics. It is of enormous relevance that all ECUs communicate in a synchronized manner and without data delays – particularly in the high-performance sector, where every millisecond counts.

Test Automation

Test automation in racing is used for systematic error detection and correction. In a field in which technology and electronics operate under extreme conditions, any undetected technical malfunction can lead to a drop in performance or even failure. We support municHMotorsport e.V. in the methodology and development of modern test automation solutions.  This enables the team to efficiently check and continuously improve the performance and reliability of their vehicle software.

The municHMotorsport e.V. Racing Team – Enthusiasm and Dedication

The racing team municHMotorsport e.V. from the Munich University of Applied Sciences consists of passionate students from various disciplines, such as automotive engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and design. They are able to develop and build a new electrically powered race car from scratch every year with the support of partners such as Softing Automotive Electronics. With great ambition, the team acquires the necessary expertise to apply innovative technologies to optimize bodywork, aerodynamics and performance. The interdisciplinary group overcomes challenges and develops innovative solutions – something which promotes not only technical but also social competencies and soft skills.

Softing Automotive Electronics is proud to support these talented students in their development and pursuit of excellence.

Formula Student

Formula Student is an international design competition in which students from various disciplines can put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Since its inception in 1980, the competition has become a worldwide event in which teams compete in disciplines such as design, race performance, cost planning and presentation. The goal is to create the best overall package of technical innovation and economic planning.

Formula Student Electric

Formula Student Electric is a variant of the traditional Formula Student competition in which the focus is on electromobility. Teams of students design and build electrically powered racing vehicles to compete in various categories. This competition provides a platform for students to explore cutting-edge technologies in the field of electric propulsion.

Special thanks from Softing Automotive

Softing Automotive is proud to support the dynamic world of municHMotorsport e.V.. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the team for the current season and are pleased that we can make a positive impact on their skills and success with our commitment to the students.

The Current Project: “Pwx2.23” Vehicle Design

The current municHMotorsport e.V. project is the vehicle concept PWx2.23 that the team developed to achieve success in international competitions. The vehicle is lightweight, aerodynamic and powerful. To achieve this goal, the students used all their knowledge to realize the mechanical design, lightweight construction, and electrical and electronic components. In implementing the project, students not only work on the technical implementation, but also learn how to plan and organize their steps within the allotted time without exceeding their budget.

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