Pocket tester - app for diagnostics and testing

The Pocket Tester App by Softing Automotive is the perfect mobile and easy to use application for a first onsite diagnosis (quick-test) at workshops and service stations. As customized tool for service technicians it ensures final checks (release drive) on repaired cars. Also long term testing with data logging is possible to identify hard detectable electronic errors.

In the field of engineering and development the Pocket Tester App is the ideal partner for test drives and testing. Routing information can be combined with ECU data and vehicle information to bring test drives to the next level.

Fields of application and advantages

  • quick first diagnosis (quick-test)
  • service & vehicle workshop
  • road assistance
  • tool for service technician
  • supporting tool for workshop
  • know how protection (OEM)
  • directed data recirculation OEM (server/diagnosis infrastructure)

Overview of possible use cases

Pocket tester - app for diagnostics and testing

Usecases Pocket Tester App

Test drive – OEM development

  • central planning “offline” test-drive
    headquarter OEM to test drivers in field.
  • decentral planning “online” test-drives
    via cloud services – real time interaction with test drivers and data.  

Workshop/ after sales / service

  • diagnosis via app (pocket tester)
    Release drive (final check) - customer car inspection.
  • “ECG monitoring” (pocket tester)
    Customer testing – defined period.
    Evaluation of car data & solution finding by workshop.  

Production – inline test

  • test via app (pocket tester)
    final release vehicle in production line.