Simulation of ECUs

It is often the case that the required ECU and/or its communication environment are not yet, or no longer, available in the course of the ECU lifecycle. If not yet available, the creation of test sequences is delayed due to a lack of suitable communication partner; if no longer available, regression tests, e.g. on service testers, cannot be carried out at the required test depth. In both cases, simulation is the proven means of increasing efficiency and minimizing risks.

Softing provides solutions for the diagnostic simulation of ECUs that enable process-secure regression tests of diagnostic testers, while at the same time considerably alleviating the operation of test sequences. This is made even simpler due to the integrated residual bus simulation. We can customize this solution for the particular use case but we can also realize special hardware and software solutions based on our long-term expertise.



Softing TCS Configurable diagnostic simulation as a replacement for real ECUs or vehicles.

Softing VCF

Vehicle Communication Framework – Highly efficient middleware for all areas of implementation in vehicle communication.