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Standardized onboard-diagnostics

Worldwide harmonized OBD consolidates the whole range of OBD specifications for cars and commercial vehicles to create one regulation valid worldwide.

The differences to date were of a regional nature (e.g. OBD and EOBD) and at protocol level (J1939-73 or ISO 15765).

Softing Experience

Softing has extensive experience in implementing OBD. This is why WWH-OBD was implemented in the DTS Base System making it possible for all tools based on the system to use the standard.

WHH-OBD Solutions

Diagnostic Interfaces All our EDIC diagnostic interfaces and the VCIs of the HS family feature WWH-OBD
Vehicle Communication Interfaces For our CAN interfaces, we implemented WWH-OBD on the PC
Softing DTS.cos Protocol templates for WWH-OBD are provided as a standard part of the package
Customized solutions Numerous customized implementations of the diagnostic stack in the ECU

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