SAE J1939

Diagnostic protocols for heavy-duty commercial vehicles

SAE J1939 describes the CAN communication for commercial vehicles and the principles for the exchange of information between ECUs as well as diagnostic data. The aim is to define standard communication mechanisms regardless of the OEM, engine/transmission manufacturer and test system manufacturer.

Today, SAE J1939 is used throughout for heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as trucks, busses and construction equipment - particularly outside Europe. For agricultural machinery ISOBUS is mandatory which is based on J1939.

Softing Experience

The standard was first implemented at Softing as early as 1995 - so Softing really can speak of long years of experience! Since then, a large number of projects have been carried out based on specific customer requirements, both in terms of the tester and in the ECU. SAE J1939 is supported by our products DTS Monaco (engineering tester), Softing TDX (service tester) and by the VCIs of the HS and VIN|ING family. Especially the support of UDS (ISO 22900) in J1939 networks and the implementation at ODX data are current issues bothering the market. The solutions from Softing are ready for this combination.

SAE J1939 Solutions

Softing DTS.monaco Engieneering tester for the diagnostics of J1939 ECUs 
Softing TDX Flexible solution for diagnostics and flash programming at aftersales service
Softing TCS Implementation of the diagnostic simulation for SAE J1939
Diagnostic Interfaces For VIN|ING 800 and VIN|ING 2000 
Customized solutions Numerous customized implementations of the diagnostic stack in test systems/in the ECU

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