Diagnostic Interfaces VIN|ING Family

One Solution – Many Form Factors. The VCIs for innovative Communication Concepts.

The diagnostic interfaces of the VIN|ING-Family cover all applications which require communication with one or more ECUs. At the beginning of the vehicle life cycle, the residual bus simulation as well as measurement tasks and data logging are typically required alongside classic diagnostic tasks. With hardware and software exactly tailored to the particular task, innovative communication concepts can be implemented cost-effectively in the development and production of individual vehicle components as well as vehicles.

In after-sales service, the VCIs are used with the repair shop tester Softing TDX or a customized application. For engineering tasks, however, VIN|ING-VCIs are often used with the engineering tester Softing DTS.monaco or automation solutions.

VIN|ING Family



Flexible and Rugged CAN & CAN-FD Interface for all Areas of Application 


VIN|ING 1000

Compact USB interface for vehicle electronics


VIN|ING 2000

Powerful VCI for Manufacturing and After-Sales


VIN|ING 3000/6000

Platform for Engineering, Test Environment and Manufacturing


Technical Articles

Technical Data

  VIN|ING 800 VIN|ING 1000 VIN|ING 2000 VIN|ING 3000/6000
Interfaces to the Host PC        
WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n        
WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/h      
Ethernet 100 BaseTX     (1)  
Ethernet 1000 BaseTX      
USB 2.0 high speed (1)
Vehicle interface        
Ethernet für DoIP     1 1-2(2)
BroadR Reach       1-2(2)
Classic CAN 1 1-2 2 1-2(2)
CAN FD 1 1-2(1) 2 2-10 (2)
Bus physic CAN high speed 1 1-2 2 2-10 (2)
Bus physic CAN fault tolerant   1   2-10 (2)
Bus physic CAN single wire       2-10 (2)
K/L-Line   1-2 2 2-10 (1)(2)
LIN   (1)(3)   2-10 (1)(2)(3)
SENT       2-10 (1)(2)(3)
Physical Interfaces to the Vehicle/ECU        
D-SUB connector  
Connector integrated in housing in acc. with ISO 15031-3      
Diagnostics (D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2))
Diagnostics (Pass Thru API (SAE J2534))
Diagnostic Sequences stand-alone & remote (Softing SDE on the VCI)    
Measuring, Data Logging (Softing VCF)    
Residual Bus Simulation (Softing VCF)      

1 In preparation
2 Depending on the number of plug-in modules
3 Alternative to K-Line