KWP2000 – Keyword Protocol 2000

Communications Protocol used for On-board Vehicle Diagnostics Systems (OBD)

KWP2000 on CAN

CAN-based protocols for diagnostic services

The experience with Keyword Protocol 2000 (KWP2000) on the K-Line was already being transferred to CAN at the end of last century. For the first time, it enabled the diagnostics and flash programming of a large number of ECUs via central diagnostic access.

KWP2000 on CAN (ISO 15765) describes layers 3 to 7 of the OSI reference model, it thus defines all higher protocol layers including the transport protocol and the diagnostic services.

Today, KWP2000 on CAN is implemented in an incredible number of vehicles. It is currently being replaced by UDS, but shares the transport protocol to a great extent.

KWP2000 K-Line

Brief description KWP2000 K-Line

KWP2000 on the K-Line was the first standardized diagnostic protocol used in Europe on a large scale. Although it can address a large number of ECUs on a bus, it was usually used for a single ECU or just a few ECUs.

KWP2000 on the K-Line (ISO 14230) defines all layers of the OSI reference model from physics through transport protocol to diagnostic services. Whereas KWP2000 is no longer used in the auto sector today, it is still often to be found in the heavy duty diesel sector.

Softing Experience

Softing played an active role in standardization from the very beginning, contributing its extensive communication expertise. As implementation and standardization ran concurrently, we have considerable experience that led to the implementation of the protocol for our diagnostic services.

In addition, we have implemented numerous manufacturer-specific protocols based on KWP2000 and are familiar with the counterpart in detail thanks to our experience of implementing the diagnostic protocol in the ECU – a clear competitive edge.

Solutions for KWP2000 on CAN & KWP2000 on K-Line

Vehicle Communication Interfaces All our Vehicle Communication Interfaces are available with KWP2000 
Softing SDE Protocol templates for KWP2000 are included as standard.
Softing DTS.monaco Testing of the KWP2000 implementation in the ECU
Softing TDX Workshop tester for vehicles with KWP2000 protocol 
Customized solutions Numerous customized implementations of the diagnostic stack in the ECU

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