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LIN - Local Interconnect Network

Economic communication between sensors and actors

An individual bus was required to ensure the inexpensive integration of sensors and actuators in vehicle networks - CAN solutions are too expensive here. This led to the launch of the LIN bus (Local Interconnected Network) via which small subnetworks are connected - typically to CAN networks.

The LIN is in use everywhere today, for example in door modules, in seats and for connecting air-conditioning.

Softing experience

For many years now, Softing has been implementing customized solutions for LIN. In most cases, these are test systems for individual LIN ECUs, vehicle subsystems that have a LIN bus or vehicle subnetworks. All these solutions are based on our tried and tested EDIC vehicle interfaces, some of which have LIN integrated in them.

LIN Solutions

EDIC Family HS Family Diagnostic interfaces with proprietary extensions of the D-PDU API
Customized solutions Test systems for LIN devices

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