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Automotive flash programming

Tailormade programming of ECUs

Today, virtually all ECUs are equipped with flash memories – an incredible advantage when the aim is to optimize code for the end customer after the vehicle has been delivered. But it is also helpful if you can program the software for a particular vehicle in manufacturing. For this to work on the production line or in the repair shop, the process has to be ensured and optimized at an early stage of development.

Our long years of experience in ECU programming make us the ideal partner for a customized solution. We offer (virtually) every specific solution from the ODX programming sequence to the turnkey programming station - in testing, manufacturing and in service.



Softing DTS.monacoUniversal engineering tester for diagnostic and update functions of vehicle ECUs for engineering and test field.
Softing TDXFlexible Solution for Diagnostics and Flash Programming in the Repair Shop and in Road Tests.
Softing SDESmart Diagnostic Engine – Platform-independent runtime system for diagnostic functions, sequences and services over the entire life cycle.
Softing SDE + VCI VIN|ING 2000Self-contained MiniTester for flash programming and test applications

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