Data Descriptions

ODX (ASAM MCD 2), OTX, A2L and CANdb

Data descriptions are always standardized when a large number of applications use the same information and several people in several companies exchange information. Similarly, if the information is to be further processed in different ways, it makes sense to apply standards in a structured form. This is the case, for example, when data from specification systems is used for runtime systems and for documentation purposes.


ODX ISO 22901-1

ODX (Open Diagnostic data eXchange) describes an XML format for exchanging diagnostic data.


OTX ISO 13209

OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange format) describes a sequence language for exchanging diagnostic sequences in the ECU life cycle.



A2L files describe measurement and calibration data for ECUs.




The standard CANdb (DBC files) describes a CAN network in entirety: signals, messages & corresponding send & receive relationships.