OBD-App – quick OBD data diagnostic

With the OBD app from Softing, your mobile phone becomes an OBD diagnostic device. Your smartphone connects with the vehicle using the OBD-2 WLAN adapter “HSC VCI”. You can use the OBD app to read out the fault memory as well as to determine measured values and ECU information. Communication data from running operations can be saved and analyzed offline.

Further functions/characteristics OBD-App:

  • Clear event memory. Special feature: possible to clear fault memory by shaking the smartphone
  • Display of velocity, engine speed and cooling temperature at a glance
  • Symbolic interpretation of error codes
  • Saving of log data and send function via e-mail
  • Quick selection: bus trace on/off, cyclic sending on/off, Setup menu, VCI connection on/off
  • Communication compliant with standards: ISO 15031-1 through 6, ISO 15765-4, SAE J1979, SAE J2012

Example of use OBD-App

 OBD-Apps for iOS