DIAGNOSTICS – ODX, OTX, UDS and various other standards in use

Thanks to new software developments, vehicles are becoming ever more powerful, safe and environmentally friendly. To allow for the growing complexity of ECUs and their complex communication levels, it is essential to have detailed insight into the control functions. Direct access to ECUs and analyzing them precisely, even when installed, is thus one of the central tasks of diagnostic processes in engineering, testing, manufacturing and after-sales service.

Our Dianostic Portfolio – Your key to success

Softing provides a comprehensive portfolio of applications used both for developing diagnostic processes and for carrying out diagnostics. Typical areas of application are accessing the fault memory, flash programming, measured value evaluations, parameterization, the control of system components and the actual ‘diagnostics’.  

Whether the implementation of ODX/MVCI processes, migration strategies for legacy data, the implementation of high-performance VCIs, the creation of authoring systems or the provision of complete manufacturing or service systems: Together with the customer, we define custom-fit solutions, tailored to suit individual project requirements.

Diagnostic Solutions


Softing DTS.venice Powerful ODX 2.2 Authoring System for Diagnostic Experts and Developers of Vehicle ECUs
Softing DTS.monaco Universal Engineering Tester for Diagnostic and Control Functions of Vehicle ECUs including
Softing DTS.automation Simple access to diagnostic communication for manufacturing and test bench applications
Softing All-in-one development environment for diagnostic sequences. Creating, implementing and debugging diagnostic and test sequences.
Softing TDX Flexible Solution for Diagnostics and Flash Programming in the Repair Shop and in Road Tests.
Softing TCS Configurable diagnostic simulation as a replacement for real ECUs or vehicles – the perfect counterpart for the preparation of test systems and workshop tester regression tests. 
Vehicle Communication Interfaces Vehicle access in various form factors send and receive tasks on bus systems with standardized interfaces and integrated diagnostic protocols

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