Softing SDE – Smart Diagnostic Engine

Platform-independent diagnostic runtime system for diagnostic functions, sequences and services throughout the entire life cycle.

Softing ́s Smart Diagnostic Engine (SDE) is based on the standardized diagnostic formats ODX and OTX and extends these with an easy-to-operate abstraction layer. The modular component which is used independently of a specific platform takes a functional diagnostic approach by, for example, providing functions for reading the fault memory and programming at the API. It also enables remote access to the diagnostic functions.


Areas of Application


  • Release of ECUs
  • Creation and validation of test sequences
  • HiL systems


  • end-of-line test systems
  • test benches
  • programming stations

After-Sales Service

  • diagnostic runtime system for service testers


  • Access to the most important diagnostic functions directly at the API
  • Specific implementation of the diagnostic function – once in the entire life cycle
  • Greatly reduced development time thanks to simple API
  • Increase in performance due to functional diagnostics and optimized runtime format
  • Standardized representation over several applications thanks to central control
  • Flexible and international implementation due to support from remote access
  • Supports a large number of bus systems and protocols incl. CAN FD and DoIP


The SDE is a high-performance runtime system which reliably serves both diagnostic communication over individual services (ODX) and complex diagnostic sequences (OTX). It supports all well-established diagnostic protocols and bussystems as well as enabling parallel communication with several ECUs. One of the three internal runtime formats is used for communication purposes. These increase performance considerably by reducing data size. If so required, this data can also be encrypted for the individual customer. The SDE is very flexible as it does not depend on a particular platform. This makes it particularly suitable for mobile operation, e.g. in after-sales.


The Smart Diagnostic API (SDA), an integral part of the SDE, is an abstraction layer above the MCD-3D API thus reducing the complexity of the D-Server API. The SDA does not make individual methods available but complete functions such as the identification of entire vehicles and the ECUs these contain. The effort involved in implementation and error-proneness are considerably reduced with the functional mapping of „diagnostic t asks“ at the SDA. It is no longer neces - sary to have in-depth diagnostic know-how. This also makes simpler and thus faster to create customized applications. The API itself can be accessed via C++, C# and Java. Diagnostic experts, however, still have direct access to the MCD-3D API.


It is becoming increasingly necessary to have remote access to vehicles and ECUs. Emphasis was thus placed on SDE function ality including the possibility of establishing connections remotely from the outset and is available for corresponding areas of implementation. The application is based on common standards from network technology. One particular central requirement is a multi-client application for simultaneously accessing several applications. Due to the compact nature of the SDE and the fact that it does not depend on a particular platform, it can be used directly on the vehicle, e.g. a gateway, on mobile devices such as a data logger, or on a network-compatible Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI).


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