Parallel access to vehicles and test objects for maximum efficiency in development

Increased efficiency in vehicle and ECU development through parallel access to vehicles and test objects – locally or remotely on test vehicles distributed worldwide

Testing and inspection often involve repeating time-consuming tasks per test vehicle or vehicle. In addition, development projects are increasingly being handled by globally distributed teams. On the one hand, developers must be able to access globally distributed vehicles and test vehicles. On the other hand, it is important that repetitive tasks run efficiently and thus as simultaneously as possible.

Softing's multiflash/multitest interface provides parallel remote access to vehicles and test vehicles. Up to eight connections can be controlled at the same time, resulting in significant performance gains and maximum development efficiency.

Developers can remotely access multiple test objects and run parallel tests while ensuring that all test subjects are up to date. Connecting via state-of-the-art connected vehicle interfaces avoids expensive, time-consuming travel and promotes seamless global collaboration. Different test specimens and vehicle types can be processed simultaneously at different locations. As soon as the diagnostic data relevant to the respective test specimen has been loaded onto the VCI, all test sequences in the VCIs can be started and stopped individually or together via the easy-to-use interfaces. The test results are documented in parallel.


  • Global Development & Testing Centers
  • ECU development and testing
  • Prototype construction and test fleet management
  • Test bench tests and commissioning of HiL systems
  • Vehicle updates and functional tests before and after test drives


  • Time savings due to simultaneous processing of repetitive tasks
  • Increased efficiency due to lower personnel deployment with the same result
  • Significant reduction in testing/programming time
  • Central control and updating of test benches
  • Early fault detection and troubleshooting through parallel processes


Softing DTS.monaco Universal development tester for diagnostic and control functions of vehicle ECUs with integrated multiflash/multitest interface
VIN|ING 2000 Vehicle access with standardized interfaces and integrated diagnostic protocols