Design Templates in high-end quality reduce the effort involved in tester implementation

The DESIGN-MANAGE-WORK approach has proven successful for the creation and maintenance of diagnostic testers such as Softing TDX. The tester is designed according to the CD (corporate design), the content and the software are managed centrally and finally distributed worldwide. The aftersales area in particular places high demands on the operating concept and the interface design. The sometimes strong link between GUI and business logic complicates the design process and often results in a high programming effort. The difficulty therefore lies in a consistent separation of GUI and business logic from diagnostics, which is what makes a separate approach to the design of the entire diagnostic tester of individual diagnostic functions possible in the first place. 

Softing completely separates the design of the user interface using QML from the definition of the associated diagnostic and business logic, thus offering the greatest possible flexibility. Intuitive operating concepts can be realized and appealing user interfaces can be designed completely freely up to the complete implementation of an individual corporate design. In addition, reusable design templates are available with Sofitng These cover the most common application scenarios. Everything is already fully implemented in the design templates, both the underlying diagnostic and operating logic as well as the QML-based user interface as a design proposal. As a result, the design templates significantly accelerate the creation process of the diagnostic tester.

Read more about the creation of individual functions up to the complete diagnostic tester Softing TDX in your own design in our technical article "Design Templates in high-end quality reduce the effort involved in tester implementation" by Julian Erber (Product Manager, Softing Automotive), originally published in the german magazine HANSER OEM Supplier 2021. There, we show you how to use the design templates in Softing to quickly and simply achieve an individual test interface.

Main Topics in the technical article "Design templates in high-end quality reduce the effort involved in tester implementation"

  • DESIGN-MANAGE-WORK procedure in Softing TDX
  • Support by editor tools in the DESIGN phase
  • Separation of GUI and business logic – distributing tasks and increase efficiency
  • Softing – optimal support in the DESIGN phase 
  • Reaching goals faster with design templates


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