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Customer information on the VCI VIN|ING 600

The VIN|ING 600 diagnostic interface was discontinued by Softing Automotive in November 2021. Most use cases of VIN|ING 600 – and many more – can be covered by the successor product VIN|ING 2000. 


VIN|ING 600 (discontinued)


VIN|ING 2000 (successor product)

Diagnostic Interface  VIN|ING 2000

Diagnostic Interface VIN|ING 600

WLAN-Ethernet Bridge for Applications with DoIP

VIN|ING 600 is a compact VCI for mobile use with Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP). It is a simple way of ensuring communication between a diagnostic app or the Diagnostic Tool Set DTS8 and a vehicle with Ethernet access.

Areas of Application

  • Flexible vehicle access for applications with DoIP
  • Measurement data recording in road tests
  • Diagnostic applications in service
  • Fast and reliable flash programming


  • User-friendly thanks to sturdy, compact design
  • Flexible thanks to controllable activation line
  • Broad light band enables clearly visible status information
  • All necessary type approvals provide security


Universal and Flexible

The interface works as a WLAN-Ethernetbridge and is a 1:1 implementation of the Ethernet interface of the vehicle for wireless LAN. Via the standardized D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2), the application communicates with the vehicle via UDS on IP (ISO14229) and DoIP (ISO 13400). This is the interface for the Diagnostic Tool Set DTS8 on a notebook or a diagnostic app on a smartphone. Customized versions can also be implemented on request.

The activation line required for DoIP has a flexible design and can be controlled via software. This means different implementations of gateway ECUs can be taken into consideration and Ethernet communication ensured in all relevant situations.

Easy to use

VIN|ING 600 is easy to use and can be connected with a smartphone like any other standard WLAN device. The device has an eye-catching, ergonomic, compact design that leaves plenty of leg room in the foot well on road tests. Thanks to the light band across the entire housing front, the status of WLAN and Ethernet communication is easy to see from lots of different perspectives. This WLAN bridge is a genuine alternative to a cable with an RJ54 connector - not only for mobile use. This means that familiar problems that often occur because of wear and tear at the connector or cable break, can thus be avoided.

Reliable and Safe

The ECE type approval and the associated EMC tests guarantee the interference-free and safe operation of the device in the vehicle. By using a glass-fiber reinforced and impact-resistant plastic as well as a high-grade OBD connector, the device can also withstand severe strain. Thanks to the WPA2 encryption with PSK, the vehicle data is safe from any attempted eavesdropping over the transmission path.