VIN|NG 2000 PDX | Pocket Diagnostics

Stand-Alone Diagnostic Solution for Your Pocket

VIN|ING 2000 PDX is a vehicle communication interface (VCI) with an integrated diagnostic tester which is easy to use anywhere without a PC and which applies the functions integrated in the Softing SDE.

Areas of Application

  • Status check on the integration board 
  • Vehicle programming in postproduction 
  • Diagnostic test during road test 
  • Ecu update in road tests 


  • Easy to manage, even for semi-skilled workers 
  • Compact solution you can always have with you 
  • Reuse of existing functions and data 
  • Automatic execution of specified sequences 
  • Total freedom in terms of the diagnostics test thanks to OTX sequences 


ECU Programming without Prior Knowledge 

VIN|NG 2000 PDX makes it possible even for inexperienced users to program vehicles. All they must do is plug the VCI into the OBD jack and the predefined programming sequence starts. The process can be controlled via RGB LEDs. A typical example of use is in parking lot flash actions where a large number of vehicles need to be updated. But the solution also proves efficient in road tests, when test drivers can automatically load new software versions into the ECUs during their breaks. Along the value chain, new software often must be loaded onto the vehicle or individual ECUs. The normal procedure of running the diagnostic software on the PC and using a VCI – with a cable, wireless or remote connection – to initiate a software update is usually a hindrance. In these cases, the software is then too complicated, the PC too prone to repair, or the overall setting simply too expensive. 

Reading out Vehicle Status – ON THE FLY   

In road tests, VIN|NG 2000 PDX shows its second strength: the execution of the predefined quick test. This can be executed, for example, during the road test with the VCI plugged in to run a cyclical check on error memory entries. However, it can also be explicitly called up before and after a test drive to document error memories and the ECU software contained. In addition to the quick test, freely implementable diagnostic tests can also be run. All you need to do is integrate an OTX sequence into the diagnostic project and link it to one of the function keys. This can then be triggered at any time as required. Results can then simply be downloaded and archived via the PC application. 

Order Information

VIN|ING 2000 PDX Powerful stand-alone dignostic device with integrated diagnostic server 
Softing PDX.admin  PC tool for configuring diagnostic or flash operations with VIN|ING 2000 PDX