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VIN|ING 3000/6000 Diagnostic Interfaces (in preparation)

Universal VCI for engineering

The two premium VCIs VIN|ING 3000 and VIN|ING 6000 are the ideal equipment for all diagnostic and measurement tasks on vehicle bus systems in engineering and in the test environment. The modular system means the device can be configured to suit the particular use case, resulting in maximum flexibility and low costs.

Areas of Application

  • Universal VCI for engineering, the test environment and manufacturing
  • Diagnostic tests and data logging in road tests
  • Diagnostics and residual bus simulation
  • Measurement tasks and bus analysis with the Vehicle Communication Framework VCF
  • Integration of customer applications in the interface with VCF


  • Modular communication platform for up to 2 or alternatively 6 plug-in modules
  • Flexible combination of all standard vehicle interfaces
  • Integration of new functions and interfaces with FPGA „software“
  • Sturdy aluminum housing


High-Performance and Future-Proof

A powerful dual core processor with 800 MHz and a large programmable logic module (FPGA) are the core for communicating with the vehicle bus systems and the associated data processing. In the FPGA, IP cores, for example for CAN FD and FlexRay, can be implemented which also permit future adaptations or extensions of vehicle interfaces. Furthermore additional modules, such as a graphic touch display, can be adapted using standardized interfaces. Alongside D-PDU API, the software framework VCF (Vehicle Communication Framework) makes an extensive library available for applications such as diagnostics, data logging, residual bus simulation and bus analysis.

Modular and Flexible

The devices are designed for 2 or alternatively a maximum of 6 slide-in modules and permit (virtually) any combination of vehicle interfaces such as Classic CAN, CAN FD, K-Line, LIN, SENT, FlexRay and BroadRReach. There is a 1 GBit-Ethernet and a USB high-speed interface for communicating with the host PC. Furthermore the devices can be equipped with WLAN, GPS or additional memory via four USB host interfaces. If required, extensive Sleep/ WakeUp functions, a motion sensor and the real-time clock (RTC) can be used.

Slide-In Modules

Module 1: 2 x Classic CAN/CAN FD, 2 x K-line/LIN/SENT, 2 x universal IOs Module 2: 4 x Classic CAN/CAN FD, 2 x universal IOs Module 3: 2 x Ethernet for DoIP, 2 x BroadR-Reach, 2 x universal IOs Module 4: 2 x Classic CAN/CAN FD, 2 x K-L ine, 1 x Ethernet for DoIP (planning stage)


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