Softing TDX: the latest diagnostic software automatically on the PC

Haar near Munich, December 11, 2019 – The new release 2.3 of the repair shop tester Softing TDX is now available, featuring automated and centralized software updates. This saves time and considerably reduces the effort involved in maintenance.

Every time it is invoked, the new version of Softing's after-sales application independently checks in the background for the latest available version and, providing the user is in agreement, downloads it to the PC. This ensures that users with access to the Internet can always be sure they are using the latest version with any new functions without having to remember to update it themselves. This update not only applies to the software, but also for diagnostic content, such as repair instructions or diagnostic trees. The diagnostic content for end users in the field is updated centrally. The administrators of the application, usually vehicle or component manufacturers, can thus control the updates very easily. 

It is also possible to “roll back” to an older version of the project. This is particularly useful if, for example, a required function or diagnostic content is only available in a previous version.

Furthermore, managing role models and user access authorizations in the role and user database (RUDB) with Softing TDX.admin is even more intuitive in the new version. Improved tool tips facilitate navigation in the tool and support the administrator in the creation, assignment and management of user roles. Traceability has also been improved as the administrator is now automatically notified of any newly registered users.

About Softing TDX
Softing TDX is the universal repair shop tool intended for use by vehicle and component manufacturers. With Softing TDX, troubleshooting as well as the repair and commissioning of entire vehicles or individual vehicle components are supported by all necessary diagnostic functions.

About Softing Automotive
Softing Automotive provides diagnostic and test solutions for the entire life cycle of electronic control units as well as entire vehicle systems. All over the world, vehicle manufacturers, system and ECU providers have been relying on tried and tested tools and solutions from Softing for 40 years now.
In its developments, Softing Automotive relies on standardization which is why Softing is an active member of the most important standardization committees in automotive electronics, such as ASAM and ISO. Softing is one of the market leaders with over 90,000 installations in the growth market of test and diagnostic systems in vehicle electronics.


Press Contact

Marion Menacher
Marketing Manager