Softing Engineering & Solutions

Customized project solutions in our core areas of expertise Diagnostics and Testing

As a specialist in automotive engineering, we make a considerable contribution to our customers' success in our core areas of expertise - diagnostics, measuring and testing. Something that, in addition to over 30 years of experience in the automotive electronics sector, we greatly owe to our highly-qualified and committed employees.  

As a subsidiary of Softing AG, we work in close collaboration with the other corporate divisions of the Automotive Segment. In the process, our customers benefit in particular from our proven technological expertise and from the outstanding skills of our employees. The success of our projects depends on the latest technical know-how and the fact that every single person in the company works proactively and with great motivation.

Softing Engineering & Solutions GmbH is a merger of Softing Project Services GmbH and the test solution division of Softing Messen und Testen GmbH and realizes diverse, customized project solutions.

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