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Trainings & Seminars

We have put our knowledge and long years of experience into a compact training program. This program is divided into user workshops and technology seminars in both English and German.

Basic Trainings

Basics of Vehicle Diagnostics

Basic understanding of diagnostics for road vehicles

ODX Introduction Seminar

Basic understanding of ODX and its data concept

OTX Introduction Seminar

Basic understanding of OTX diagnostic sequences

OTX Expert Seminar

Understanding of complex OTX Sequences and OTX Extensions

Specific Tool Seminars | Softing DTS.monaco

Softing DTS.monaco User Seminar

Using Softing DTS.monaco based on predefined configurations

Softing DTS.monaco Administrator Seminar

Using Softing DTS.monaco to create and configure user interfaces

User-specific Seminars

User-specific Seminars

If required, we also tailor our training flexibly to your requirements


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