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Technical Specifications

Voltage88-264VAC @ 50-60Hz
Interface1 x USB (PC interface for configuration and data transfer)
Control panel5 keys
DisplayLCD with 2 x 16 characters
Wavelength of the LED950nm
Spectral bandwidth (FWHM)55nm
Recipes memory10 recipes (extensible on request)
Warm-up time3 minutes (minimum)
Display range transmission0 – 100%
Display accuracy0,01% (2 decimal places)
Tolerance between multiple devices±3% of measured value
Data format for exportCSV and TXT

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Width x Depth x Heightca. 235 x 200 x 180 mm

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Access authorization and user administration
Configuration of the device parameters
Parameterization function of the measured plastic (pass/reject detection, ...)
Creation and management of measurement programs (10 recipe memory)
Visualization and storage of measured values (various storage modes: Individual measurements, continuous recording, timed recording)
Relative measurement
Data export to CSV or TXT
Creation and editing of signal envelops (message when exceeding min/max limits)
Zoom Display Functions
Configuration of the limit value monitoring
Generation of LOG-files
Device Self-Test by reference value monitoring

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Transmission Tester LW-1Quality Assurance of Plastic Housings and Molds

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