The Machine Has To Work!

After-sales service provides service networks for vehicles and machinery – often on a world-wide scale. These generally pursue one goal: to reduce downtimes and thus the total cost of ownership (TCO). The core business includes fast, targeted maintenance and repair. This not only requires the use of an efficient repair shop tester, but also places special demands on its worldwide availability and updatability via a modern back end.

In our technical article "The Machine Has To Work", written by Julian Erber (Product Manager at Softing Automotive), we show you how the workshop tester Softing TDX meets the specific requirements of aftersales and how it can be adapted to ECU- and problem-specific repair procedures by means of the intuitive workflow DESIGN-MANAGE-WORK, taking into account security aspects.

Main Topics in the technical article "The Machine Has To Work"

  • specific requirements for the workshop tester in after-sales service - basis for efficiency and functionality over the years 
  • intuitive workflow DESIGN-MANAGE-WORK in the Softing TDX toolbox
  • Application example of the workshop tester Softing TDX.workshop
  • Conclusion


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