K-Line ISO 9141

Brief description K-Line - ISO 9141

In the 1990s, the K-Line was one of the first ways of accessing ECUs in completed vehicles. This is why it was stipulated in the first OBD standards and has been in use ever since.

Today, it is being replaced in new projects by CAN.

Softing Experience

Softing has supported the K-Line for decades. It is still included today in all our diagnostic interfaces. More than 30 standardized and manufacturer-specific protocols have been implemented on the basis

K-Line Solutions

VIN|ING 2000 High-performance VCI for production and after-sales service via K-line (as well as CAN/FD and Ethernet)Diagnose-Interfaces mit D-PDU API zum Zugriff auf Fahrzeuge
Customized solutions Countless customized protocol implementations

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