• Sponsoring Handball Panther Indersdorf

    Sponsoring the Panther Indersdorf

    Softing Automotive promotes team spirit and fair play in handball

As a passionate promoter of team sport, we are proud to support the drive and dedication of the handball teams of TSV Indersdorf.

Softing Automotive has been a proud sponsor of the handball youth teams of the Panther Indersdorf from the 2023/2024 season. Our aim is to create the best conditions for sporting success with new equipment for the young players of the E and C youth teams. We want to actively promote handball as a sport with our commitment and make an important contribution to the development of young talent.

Using the Best Equipment to Achieve Success

The handball section of the Panther Indersdorf has a broad membership structure, which makes it possible to promote a wide range of age groups – from the youngest talents to experienced players. We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to promoting young talented sportspeople by providing the E and C youth teams with sporting equipment of their choice. We hope that our commitment will play a part in actively supporting and accompanying the development of young athletes.

The C Youth Team of the Panther Indersdorf

At the request of the club, Softing Automotive created a design for the warm-up jerseys of the C youth team in the color of their choice.

Currently, the boys of the C youth team are fighting for the top spot in the ÜBOL C-Jugend Staffel West (ÜBOL C youth Staffel West). Coach Patrick Schmidt is on the sideline to encourage the boys, who were all born in either 2009/2010.

The E Youth Team of the Panther Indersdorf

The E youth team desperately needed new jerseys for match days and that is why we decided to sponsor the purchase of new handball jerseys.

This season, the E youth team, which consists of boys 9 to 10 years old, is playing in Altbayern Liga Gruppe 1 (Group 1 of the Alterbayern League) and are lucky to have Robert Schöpf as their coach.

Special thanks from Softing Automotive

For Softing Automotive, it is a great honor to be part of this diverse community and to support it. We would like to wish all teams of TSV Indersdorf every success in the current season and are pleased that we can play a part in helping out with the two youth teams we are supporting.

An Overview of the Sports Club

TSV Indersdorf

Since being founded in 1948, the sports club TSV Indersdorf, based in Markt Indersdorf around 35 kilometers northwest of Munich, Germany, has developed continuously. Today, the club has ten different sections and around 1,350 members and is an important part of the local community. Soccer, tennis, baseball and many other sports can be played on the club’s extensive sports grounds. In addition to recreational sports, athletes can also pursue professional competitive sports. TSV Indersdorf offers children and adolescents, as well as adults, a wide range of fun and enjoyment on a daily basis in training. Social skills, fairness and respectful interaction with one another are key in all areas.

Panther Indersdorf

The handball section at TSV Indersdorf is one of the club’s largest. The Panther Indersdorf are broadly based and have several teams in order to promote and bring together all age groups in the best possible way. Starting with the youngest players in the F youth right up to the seniors, members of all ages have the opportunity to try their hand at handball. In addition to playing for a team, you can also act as a referee. 

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