CAR ASYST – App for Audi Service and Engineering

Mobile App Solution for Vehicle Communication, Diagnostics and Testing

CAR ASYST was developed and ongoing advanced exclusively by Softing Automotive for Audi with regularly updated original vehicle data provided by Audi.

With CAR ASYST Softing Automotive is presenting an innovative, fast and universal tool for vehicle analysis. CAR ASYST is a project-based mobile App system solution for vehicle diagnostics and test on a smartphone or tablet basis officially approved by Audi. CAR ASYST has been optimized for the use in the repair shop and service and can also be implemented in vehicle development and engineering. The system solution consists of the CAR ASYST APP, the service package CARDATA and the CAR ASYST ADAPTER (WIFI-Ethernet-Bridge). The adapter is a compact VCI and enables the communication between the App and the vehicle (DoIP).

With the software extension CAR ASYST ANALYTICS recorded data can be analysed with a desktop PC/Laptop.

You can find more details on the project CAR ASYST at the website