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Analysis of networks and emulation of ECUs for diagnostic applications

The industrial standard CANdb (DBC files) describes a CAN network in entirety: signals, messages and the corresponding send and receive relationships.

The CANdb is primarily used to analyze CAN networks, for measurement tasks on the CAN bus and for emulating ECUs not present in the network (residual bus simulation).

Softing experience

Softing has been using CANdb for many years now in products and customized solutions. It is used for all standard tasks: for simplified analysis, the simulation of signals (in diagnostics often pin 15 and velocity signals) and for measurement applications.  


Softing DTS.veniceImport of CANdb
Softing DTS.monacoResidual bus simulation and measuring
TestCUBE2Residual bus simulation parallel to diagnostic simulation
Customized SolutionsResidual bus simulation on test benches