Automotive Applications

Key technologies in the fields of expertise diagnostics and testing

In Softing, you have a partner who can turn your ideas into efficient solutions thanks to decades of experience in engineering services. In our fields of expertise – diagnostics and testing – we offer you products, specific solutions and engineering support.


Hardware and software solutions and consulting services for diagnostics in engineering, manufacturing and service but also for the development of diagnostics itself, e.g. diagnostic interfaces, test benches, EoL testing, ODX and OTX components


Softing provides certified key technologies for mobile and stationary applications to provide valid and meaningful measurement results, e.g. mobile measurement technology for driving tests or measurement data acquisition in test bench applications


Solutions and consulting services for the automatic and interactive testing of communication and control functions in the ECU, also in connection with peripherals, e.g. test automation, test benches, analysis applications, simulation

Authoring Systems

Authoring Systems for ODX, OTX and automated test cases: Editors for the creation of specifications, diagnostic data and test sequences, e.g. ODX editors, OTX editors

API Interfaces

Programming interfaces for simple integration of communication solutions in your applications, partially standardized (ISO 22900-2, ISO 22900-3, SAE J2534), e.g. for diagnostics, flash programming, residual bus simulation, acquisition of measured values

Testing and Verification

Tasks in automobile construction and mechanical engineering are manifold and multifaceted, therefore Softing provides solutions for customized testing and verification systems for ECUs and electric components, creation of customized test units and test systems

Communication Solutions

Hardware and software solutions as well as consulting services on the subject of ECU communication – both normal communication as well as diagnostic communication with all standard vehicle buses, e.g. hardware interfaces, programming interfaces, wireless technologies, MOST validation

Flash Programming

Hardware and software solutions and consulting services for flash programming in engineering, manufacturing and service but also for the development of the flash programming functionality itself, e.g. hardware interfaces, programming stations on the line, ODX and OTX components

Diagnostics 4.0

Vehicles are increasingly connecting themselves with their environment - the key to new functions such as autonomous driving. Together with the increasing electrification of the vehicles, this places new demands on diagnostics, but also creates completely new possibilities such as remote and cloud diagnostics


PC-based and stand-alone solutions for diagnostic simulation and residual bus simulation, e.g. for the development of test sequences, setups, tester regression tests


Hardware and software solutions for the engineering and testing of OBD functionality in the vehicle, e.g. development tester, analysis software, test automation, simulation

Functional Safety

The increasingly complex E/E architecture in the vehicle must continue to be technically controlled and thus to avoid the misconduct of safety-relevant systems. The basic principle for this is Functional Safety