All-in-One Diagnostic Testing with Ed & Ted – Get it Done!

Have you ever wondered how practical it would be to combine all diagnostic functions in one single tool? The Softing Diagnostic Tool Set is an intuitive diagnostic tool for the entire range of use cases in both vehicle engineering and development as well as diagnostics, from ECU testing to vehicle release in development/engineering testing and manufacturing.

Softing DTS.monaco makes it possible for developers, engineers and technicians all over the world to create consistent diagnostic functions and sequences on the basis of international standards and to ensure that diagnostic communication works reliably over the entire value chain.

Further advantages result from the ...

  • combination of the functions of several tools in one, which leads to cost savings in acquisition and shorter training times
  • early detection and rectification of faults, which increases the quality of diagnostic and testing processes
  • tool's flexible adaptability to different requirements, which enables greater efficiency
  •  intuitive handling and the preconfigured templates, which lead to faster results

Smart Diagnostics and Testing with Ed & Ted

In a world where vehicle electronics is constantly evolving, especially via software, engineers and technicians are constantly faced with new challenges. Ed & Ted, two experts in the fields of diagnostics and testing, take on the demanding tasks over the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Join them on their journey through the world of automotive electronics and discover new ways to increase efficiency and quality in development, production and service.