Manage Workshops Efficiently in the Cloud with Ed & Ted – Get it Done!

Control diagnostic content, software updates, roles and rights via a cloud-based central data platform.

A service tester is an indispensable tool for workshop and service teams when localizing faults, troubleshooting and commissioning components and vehicles. By using a cloud-based data platform like Softing TDX with seamless IT backend integration, software updates and diagnostic content can be updated and rolled out centrally. User roles and rights can also be managed so that certain functions can only be carried out by appropriately trained personnel. 

Be one step ahead with Softing Automotive's solution for efficient workshop management.

Smart Diagnostics and Testing with Ed & Ted

In a world where vehicle electronics is constantly evolving, especially via software, engineers and technicians are constantly faced with new challenges. Ed & Ted, two experts in the fields of diagnostics and testing, take on the demanding tasks over the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Join them on their journey through the world of automotive electronics and discover new ways to increase efficiency and quality in development, production and service.