• Managing Workshops Efficiently in the Cloud

    Manage Workshops Efficiently in the Cloud

    Control diagnostic content, software updates, roles and rights via a cloud-based central data platform.

After-sales is about identifying errors and problems as quickly as possible and rectifying them. Within this scenario, the service tester is an indispensable tool for repair shop employees and mobile service teams when it comes to localizing errors, troubleshooting, and commissioning components and vehicles.

Softing TDX allows all the benefits of digital transformation to be used in after-sales by storing data centrally and linking it together. By using a cloud-based data platform with IT backend connection, software updates and diagnostic content can be updated and rolled out centrally. In addition, user roles and rights can be managed so that certain functions can only be carried out by appropriately trained personnel.

The digitalization and networking of all relevant processes can increase the efficiency and quality of service and repair processes, reduce costs and significantly improve the satisfaction of service technicians in the field and ultimately of end customers.

Central management of the tester software and diagnostic content for the roll-out

Scalable infrastructure for managing large amounts of data in after-sales

Dynamic reaction to specific requirements from the field


  • Outdated or only partially updated test software, including diagnostic data, delays the implementation of a consistent service concept.

  • Companies collect a large amount of data, often in different forms, which makes data management more difficult. 

  • The varying qualifications of the service teams and repair shop personnel require an individual approach with regard to user roles and rights

  • Feedback is needed from the repair shops and end customers to be able to improve the service and maintenance processes as well as tester functions


  • The roll-out of the tester software and diagnostic content to the repair shops is centralized via a cloud-based data platform. This means that all users have access to the latest software as well as repair and maintenance documents at all times
  • Data from a wide variety of sources is collected centrally, processed and put together in a clear way. All relevant data is stored centrally at one “single point of truth”
  • The data platform provides a secure and scalable infrastructure for managing diagnostic results, enabling organizations to gain insights as a basis for informed decision-making.
  • The central administration of roles and rights enables user-specific activation and maintenance of role keys and certificates. This ensures that only authorized people can carry out specific functions.

The problem in many companies: Inconsistent Data Sources and a Lack of Transparency

In many companies, important information is distributed across different systems. The CRM system contains customer contact details, the ERP system focuses on serial numbers and order information of spare parts, and software versions are documented in the requirement management tool. This often leads to inefficiency and errors which ultimately impairs the quality of service and repair processes.  

The solution: A central data platform in After-Sales

Softing TDX.server is the central data platform of the Softing TDX after-sales tool suite. Using state-of-the-art cloud technology, it enables vehicle and component manufacturers to respond smartly and dynamically to the specific requirements of individual vehicles and control units.

Softing TDX.server is a comprehensive solution to aggregate data from different sources. All relevant information, such as user log-in information, documents, software statuses and versions as well as user and customer feedback, is stored centrally in a database. 

Single point of administration 

Furthermore, Softing TDX.server makes it possible for system administrators to have centralized role and rights management. For maximum security, authentication is carried out using tried and tested systems, such as Active Directory. 

Diagnostic content is also easy to update with Softing TDX.server. Content creators have access to a wealth of information and can upload finished tester projects to the system at the touch of a button.

Diagnostic procedures, operating steps, images and videos as well as repair and maintenance instructions are thus finally released. By linking certain functions to roles, it can be ensured that only employees with the appropriate authorization can perform certain functions, such as vehicle programming. The roll-out of the software in repair shops can also be controlled precisely. The latest software versions and diagnostic content are thus made available systematically. 

Softing TDX Toolchain

Softing TDX is the solution for digital transformation in after-sales. Make sure you too exploit the full potential of your service network.



Tool for creating the user application Softing TDX.workshop incl. designing the user interface, user guidance and diagnostic methodology


Softing TDX.server

Backend administrator tool for managing roles and user rights and for controlling updates


Softing TDX.workshop

Repair shop tester for supporting mechatronics engineers and service technicians in repairs and maintenance


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