VIN|ING 2000 – The future starts now!

Softing´s new high end VCI VIN|ING 2000 flexibly masters all future diagnostic challenges!

VIN|ING 2000 not only makes it possible to master today‘s stand­ard use cases with WLAN or a USB connection to the computer – it is also perfectly prepared for upcoming remote-diagnostic tasks and stand-­alone operation. This is made possible by integrating the new Softing SDE in the device – a combination of tried and tested, standard­-based communication components with a functional access interface. All standard sequences and functions on the PC can thus be reused directly on the VCI – without problems with WLAN connections, bandwidths or latencies.

Innovative use cases in Engineering, Manufacturing and After-Sales Service

    for automatic diagnostic and bus data logging directly at the OBD connector, whether on a breadboard assembly or in a test drive
    with a test sequence on the VCI – to take the pressure off  the system in test benches or in the analysis of difficult cases in After­-Sales Service
    e.g. for firmware updates of test fleets or in post production

The use cases can naturally also be implemented with a device, for example to gather data during a test drive, to run a diagnosti c test before and aft er the test drive as well as, if necessary, to update control unit fi rmware. Tasks are started in diff erent ways, for example are triggered by igniti on or by pressing a butt on on the device.

Further use cases of the high end VCI VIN|ING 2000


  • Diagnostics on the test bench or in the test vehicle
  • Diagnostics in the production line, on test benches, EoL & reworking
  • Fault detection & repair validation
    Development and release of ECU diagnostics