Testing and Debugging the establishing of tester ECU communication with Softing DTS.monaco

Regardless of the integration level of software and ECUs, communication problems along the OSI communication layers result in specific challenges for diagnostic experts. These problems are critical for the remaining life cycle of the vehicle because, for example, in manufacturing, this behavior can lead to delays in or an entire absence of vehicle programming.

The debugging of this kind of defective communication behavior thus necessitates an interface which both sends out services and jobs individually or cyclically to the test system and interprets information from offboard communication in detail and records on-board messages. The complexity of this kind of analysis is growing increasingly in the latest E/E architectures and their security measures against undesired external tampering attempts. Softing DTS.monaco is always up to date here and reliably supports corresponding protocols and mechanisms. This is supported in particular by the control units “Diagnostic Service”, “Symbolic Trace”, “Bus Trace” as well as the “Logical Link List” with reliable information on the status of the connection and the representation of the relevant services and bus communication. The DoIP monitor integrated in the new DTS9 generation is particularly helpful in this respect!

About Softing DTS.monaco

Softing DTS.monaco is used in numerous engineering departments all over the world to take care of diagnostic tasks. The range of ODX and expert application cases extends through ECU release to the commissioning of HiL systems and test benches. The tool is also regularly used for updating and validating vehicles during on-road tests.

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