Diagnostic Test Meets Simulation

The complexity of E/E networking continues to increase - and with it the necessary testing effort. This applies both to the validation of functionalities and to the ongoing regression testing of test methods. The latter are of particular importance due to the strong creation of variants of vehicles both in functionality and via software and hardware variants released over time. Finally, the test environment must be adapted in each case, without compromising the existing functionality. This must be proven in each case. 

In relation to the testing of new functionalities, the question of validating the test environment also regularly occurs. In case of conflict, this can only be done when the test object (device under test, DuT) arrives. The error search between test method, test environment (consisting of computer, VCI, cabling) and DuT subsequently requires an immense amount of time, which may consequently be unavailable for testing.

In both cases, a diagnostic simulation leads to significant improvements by providing a reliable, configurable counterpart. In regression testing, this means that all variants of all vehicles are basically available, and in test preparation, the test environment can be approved together with the test method before the DuT is available.

Softing TCS offers a modern diagnostic simulation system consisting of the simulation hardware, a configuration application and an API for integrating the hardware into test automations. The hardware is flexibly adapted to current and future requirements due to the multicore Linux platform used. It includes an OBD socket and thus provides a complete diagnostic view of a vehicle. Alternatively, CAN can also be accessed as usual via a D-SUB socket. Simulation files for different ECUs or vehicles are brought to the device via a LAN connection or USB stick.

The administration interface allows the management and creation of simulation files in different, use-case related ways. It also offers the possibility to migrate existing simulations from the previous product TestCUBE2.

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