Flash Programming | Updating ECUs with Softing DTS.monaco

ECU and vehicle updating is an important application area for Softing DTS.monaco, as an accompanying measure in the engineering process to validate various software versions, but also to prepare the automated flash procedure for manufacturing and after-sales service. The compatibility to all kinds of methods and file formats is just as important here as simple and reliable operation.

A process usually consists of several substeps as well as an initialization routine – now often additionally safeguarded with the Seed & Key procedure. Naturally, with its “flash” control element and numerous configuration possibilities, Softing DTS.monaco offers sufficient flexibility to be able to support complex procedures. In other words: ODX-D + Flash Job (with reference in ODX-F), External Flash Files (HEX, MOT, BIN, S3 and S19), Flash Sequences, Security Access, Latebound Flash Files, Flash Files > 4GB (“64-bit Flashing”), among others, are supported.

About Softing DTS.monaco

Softing DTS.monaco is used in numerous engineering departments all over the world to take care of diagnostic tasks. The range of ODX and expert application cases extends through ECU release to the commissioning of HiL systems and test benches. The tool is also regularly used for updating and validating vehicles during on-road tests.

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