Interfaces Made Fast and Easy – with the Softing TDX Design Templates

Virtually identical user interfaces are required in test systems on a regular basis for new vehicles, new ECUs or even ECU variants – usually with only a few minor adjustments. Particularly, the high-end interfaces demanded by users today – in terms of the display, but also in terms of the operating concept – prove to be extremely time-consuming. 

The design templates in the after-sales tester Softing TDX help you work faster and ensure you gain top-quality results in a very short time. The most common diagnostic functions, such as vehicle or ECU identification, the processing of error memories (DTCs) and the visualization of measured values, are already fully implemented in the templates. This means that OTX is used to execute diagnostic requests, determine the results and transfer and display them in a QML interface that already exists as a design template. The necessary adaptations to the OTX scripts and the QML interfaces take next to no time with the respective tools.

In the same way, the templates themselves can be adapted exactly to a company-specific design (corporate design, CD) and the respective diagnostic concept. In other words, the customized templates represent the diagnostics to be used exactly, and the increase in quality as well as time savings are correspondingly significant. 

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