Softing TDX for Diagnostics and Flash Programming

Softing TDX – the Flexible Solution for Diagnostics and Flash Programming

Softing TDX is the universal repair shop tool for the use in the repair shop and road tests. Softing TDX is intended to be used by vehicle and component manufacturers and supports all necessary diagnostic functions in troubleshooting, repair and in the setup of entire vehicles or individual components.

Two tools one goal: the simple definition of fast repair tips

Softing TDX consists of two tools. Softing is the authoring system with which diagnostic trees, sequences and the representation are generated. The input of communication data also takes place using Softing There are templates and wizards to ensure that standard tasks can be carried out in next to no time. The diagnoses created can then be compiled to form a distribution – either as a whole or in parts. This is made available to service technicians and/or test engineers online or on data carriers.

Softing TDX.workshop is designed for use in the field. It is used as a sequence environment for the diagnostic sequences created beforehand with Softing These can be updated and/or modified at any time later on with the update mechanism. Diagnostic results can be saved as a report – all activities thus always remain transparent. Furthermore, all data is available for additional analyses.