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Diagnostic Communication with Road-Vehicles and Non-Road Mobile Machinery

Diagnostic Communication with Road-Vehicles and Non-Road Mobile Machinery examines the communication between a diagnostic tester and E/E systems of road-vehicles and non-road mobile machinery such as agricultural machines and construction equipment. The title also contains the description of E/E systems (control units and in-vehicle networks), the communication protocols (e.g. OBD, J1939 and UDS on CAN / IP), and a glimpse into the near future covering remote, cloud-based diagnostics and cybersecurity threats.

Peter Subke

SAE International


汽车电子著作: Road Vehicles – Diagnostic Communication


Softing,为汽车诊断技术、总线通讯和测试技术提供关键解决方案,并在此领域领跑全球,Softing公司出版了一本新书,命名为《Road vehicles - Diagnostic communication》。




UDS诊断协议的详细说明(Unified Diagnostic Services,统一诊断服务)放在基于ASAM MCD系统的外部测试工具结构之后,同时还详细介绍了ISO规范MVCI(Modular Vehicle Communication Interface,模块化车辆通信接口)和ODX数据格式(Open Diagnostic Data Exchange,开放的诊断数据交换)。



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