Functional Mock-Up Units (FMU)

Three-Dimensional Test Boards, Vehicle Sized, for Simulations and Complex Tests with Original Components

Functional mock-up units (FMUs) are three-dimensional test boards in which a number of vehicle components can be integrated in their original state. This is the perfect way to subject, in particular, the cable harness and ECUs to complex networking and function tests – in conjunction with real sensors, actuators and other subsystems. A suitable mechanical setup means all essential parts of the test setup are easy to access. Original parts can easily be substituted by spare parts or simulations at any time – and vice versa. FMUs thus enable high-quality flexible tests for series validation long before the test is possible within real vehicle bodywork.

Technical Data

  • Realization with plug-in modules, drawers and adapters
  • Integrated on-board electrical system
  • Breakout Box (BOB) for central tapping of measurements of all buses (LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay)
  • 12V voltage source for measuring devices
  • OBD interface
  • Individually tailored to the original bodywork or desired dimensions

Your Benefits

  • Maximum quality in planning, development and execution
  • Fast and flexible realization
  • Qualified support locally on your premises