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Standardized Programming Interfaces 编程接口

Protocols - KWP2000 (ISO 14230 and ISO 15765), UDS (ISO 14229) and SAE J1939 in use

Standardized programming interfaces are defined with two specific aims in mind: first of all consistent runtime responses of test and diagnostic systems regardless of use and secondly the consistent integration of VCIs (Vehicle Communication Interfaces) in test systems regardless of OEM and test system manufacturer.

定义标准化的编程接口有两个具体目的:针对不同用户的测试和诊断系统的运行时响应的一致性,针对不同的OEM制造商和测试系统制造商车辆通信接口(Vehicle Communication Interfaces, VCI)在测试系统中的集成一致性。

D-Server (ISO 22900) 

The D-Server API (also called ASAM MCD-3D or diagnostic system API) describes a programming interface for symbolic access to vehicles and ECUs.

D-PDU API (ISO 22900)

The D-PDU API describes an API for accessing vehicle interfaces (VCIs).

PassThru (SAE J2534)

The J2534 defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) describes a programming interface for the hexadecimal access of diagnostic protocols.


The RP1210 is a programming interface classified as a “recommended practice” that, in particular, is used for accessing diagnostic interfaces in the truck environment.

D-Server (ISO 22900)DTS.cos
DTS.monaco API-RT
D-PDU APIVehicle Communication Interfaces (VCIs)
All tools with DTS Base System have interfaces integrated in compliance with SAE J2534