Diagnostic Solutions – Engineering & Consulting

Engineering and consulting services on diagnostic architecture and diagnostic authoring – concepts, design and engineering of diagnostic tools, diagnostic data and sequences.

Today, well established and to a large extent standardized technologies can be used to create modern diagnostic architectures this is true of fundamental system compo­nents such as the MVCI Server or D­-PDU ­API as the interface. But the standards on data formats and protocols are also technically mature and available: ODX as the format for diagnostic data, OTX for describing diagnostic and test sequences, and UDS or DoIP as the protocol standard for data exchange.

Softing offers a wide range of top­quality and established products for all these standards. Current trends toward autonomous driving and the net­working of vehicles with infrastructure and Internet create new requirements which mostly demand specifically realized diagnostic solutions­ often paired with the necessity to suitably integrate established legacy systems in future solutions.

Based on our long years of experience, we bring diagnostic standards and all the latest diagnostic trends together and offer comprehensive diagnostic know­how – from legacy systems to modern cloud solutions.


  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Diagnostic concepts
  • Diagnostic authoring (ODX)
  • Diagnostic and test sequences (OTX)
  • Diagnostic migration
  • Testing and validation of diagnostic architectures and protocols


  • Flexible and use­oriented range of services
  • In­depth and extensive diagnostic know­-how
  • High ­grade diagnostic products
Consulting and advisory services We support you in the selection of the right diagnostic technologies and provide advice on how to implement new developments
Diagnostic concepts We develop system concepts – from component selection to optimal diagnostic data structure
Diagnostic authoring (ODX) We create and develop ODX diagnostic authoring, to suit requirements and specifications of third parties or on the basis of proprietary data architectures
Functional sequences and testing (OTX) We realize universally deployable diagnostic functions, flash sequences or test sequences with all the advantages of the OTX standard
Diagnostic migration We take care of data and system migration from legacy and old systems toward standardized diagnostic solutions
Testing and validation We test and verify diagnostic implementations, validate performance requirements and safeguard new developments