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Design Component from the Softing TDX Toolbox

Softing is the intuitive development environment for creating individual repair shop testers based on international standards. This makes it possible for OEMs and component manufacturers to provide control-unit and problem-specific repair and maintenance procedures.  The user interface (GUI), diagnostic data (ODX), underlying diagnostic services (UDS) and diagnostic sequences (OTX) can be freely designed and combined to suit any application scenario.


  • Designers of user interfaces and operating concepts
  • Creators of diagnostic sequences and diagnostic functions
  • Creators of the structure and hierarchical workflows of the diagnostic tester
  • Creators/adapters of the diagnostic database


  • Freely designing a repair shop tester for after-sales diagnostics including
    • Operating logic
    • User interface (GUI)
    • Underlying diagnostic services (UDS), diagnostic sequences (OTX) and diagnostic data (ODX)
    • Diagnostic content (such as repair instructions, exploded drawings, videos and web content)
    • Definition and integration of required reports
  • Implementing backend connections, e.g. to logistics systems
  • Storing languages


With Softing, user interfaces can be designed completely individually from high-end interfaces, like current vehicle dashboards, to the complete adoption of a proprietary corporate design (CD). This is of particular benefit to multibrand suppliers. The workflows for the repair shop tester, which are also freely definable in terms of structure and hierarchy, make it possible to implement a unique operating concept. Additional information, such as repair instructions, exploded drawings, videos and web content, which support the mechanic during maintenance and the repair of vehicles and working machinery, can simply be integrated in the repair shop tester. It is also possible to assign different language IDs to the contents of the distribution packages, so that the packages are available in the required languages.

Templates and wizards support the Softing operator perfectly here. The result of working with the design tool is a consistent distribution package that can be made available for each diagnostic tester in worldwide use via the customer backend and released separately.

The Softing TDX toolbox is based on publicly available, international diagnostic standards. OTX and ODX data already used in the company can be reused, resulting in a unique continuity of the tool suite from engineering/development to manufacturing and after-sales service.

Technical Information

Technical Data  
Standard Compliance

ISO 13209 (OTX) – Open Test sequence eXchange,
ISO 22901-1/ASAM MCD-2D, ODX V2.2.0 – Open Diagnostic Data eXchange,
ISO 22900-3/ASAM MCD-3D Application Programming Interface V3.0.0,
ISO 22900-2 (D-PDU API) via CAN, K-line and Ethernet (DoIP Collection/Entity/Group/Vehicle),
ISO 14229 (UDS)
SAE J2534 PhassThru

Compatible VCIs (Vehicle Communication Interfaces)

Softing VIN|ING Interfaces
Kvaser CAN Interfaces: Leaf Professional HS, Leaf Light HS, Leaf Light HS v2, Leaf Light HS v2 OBD
Peak Interfaces: PCAN-USB
…and more


PC or notebook with at least 2 GHz and 6GB RAM, screen resolution ≥ 1280x1024 (XGA) recommended
Supported operating systems: Windows 10 and Windows 11 (version tested for each release)

Order Information


Integrated development environment (IDE) for creating and managing diagnostic tester content with editors for diagnostic data and diagnostic sequences.

Softing TDX.server

Central backend incl. web frontend for administration of the diagnostic tester content as well as user and license management. Also serves as a database for storage and further processing of data from Softing TDX.workshop. Also responsible for the connection to customer-specific databases and systems (IT infrastructure) via connectors. 

Softing TDX.workshop

Customer-specific configurable diagnostic tester for Windows, Android and iOS for use in workshops and at dealerships for the maintenance and repair of vehicles and components.

Supplementary Products and Services
Maintenance and service package
Includes telephone and e-mail support for installation, commissioning and operation, free minor, medium and discounted major software upgrades. (Already included in the rental model)
Consulting, Training We offer support in the subjects of diagnostics, ODX, OTX and on using Softing TDX – all available as general training sessions or alternatively specially adapted to suit customer requirements. Give us a challenge!
Introductory Training 3-day introductory training in the Softing TDX tool suite
VIN|ING 800 Softing TDX.workshop v3, single license in set with VINING 800 VCI interface (1x HS CAN/CAN FD)

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