Onboard Diagnostics (OBD)

Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) is the general term used to describe the capability of ECUs to continually test themselves and their environment with regard to a prescribed behavior.

In particular, legislators demand permanent testing of emissions: They have done so for quite some time now with cars, but are now doing the same with trucks. Intense validation is absolutely essential here to avoid the considerable fines legislators would levy if limits were not adhered to.

Softing provides solutions that enable both automated testing of OBD behavior and an exact analysis of OBD communication: from the Scantool layer through data analysis to the bit level of communication.

OBD Solutions


Softing DTS.monaco Test automation solution for all cases of diagnostic application. DTS-COS and EDIABAS integration are available by default as diagnostic solutions.
Softing All-in-one development environment for diagnostic sequences. Creating, implementing and debugging diagnostic and test sequences.
Softing TDX Flexible Solution for Diagnostics and Flash Programming in the Repair Shop and in Road Tests.
TestCUBE Diagnostic simulation and residual bus simulation in one device – the perfect counterpart for the preparation of test systems and workshop tester regression tests