Softing VCF – Vehicle Communication Framework

Highly efficient middleware for all areas of implementation in vehicle communication.

Softing VCF (Vehicle Communication Framework) enables the integration of bus communication for a variety of test tasks and a useful diagnosis, ideally on a Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI). This includes, among others, the simulation of electronic control units (ECUs) or the parallel recording of measured values from the bus or via XCP/CCP.

Areas of Application

  • ECU engineering
  • Test environment
  • Test benches
  • Production tester
  • Service tester


  • Cost saving – one VCI for several functions
  • Diagnostics and on-board functionality in parallel
  • Suitable for multiple operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Most important buses and protocols are already available as a standard
  • VCI standalone – multiple functions available independent of the PC


Wide range of functions

Softing VCF enables (virtually) all functions required in vehicle and ECU communication. As far as off-board communication (diagnostics) is concerned, it is not only possible to display a test system but also simulate ECUs. In on-board communication, it is possible to implement residual bus simulation for one or more ECUs. The product also offers numerous functions for the analysis of bus communication. Measuring using bus communication enables the acquisition of the messages and signals available on the bus. Furthermore internal ECU measurement data can be acquired via the mechanisms defined in the XCP and CCP protocols. The block sequencer ensures cross-functional behavior control with the possibility of responding to results. The only requirement is that an appropriate script be developed in „C“ and loaded in to VCF.

Wide range of configuration possibilities

Conventional configuration methods can be used depending on the communication function and bus system. This means A2L files in accordance with the ASAM standard ASAM MCD2-MC are usually used for measuring via XCP. Measuring and bus analysis use the LDF or FIBEX format on the LIN bus; AUTOSAR is also used for FlexRay or Ethernet. The well-known DBC format (CANdb) can also be used on the CAN.

Numerous platforms

VCF is currently supplied with support for the VCIs of the HS family, in particular the HSX in its various housing variants. Forthcoming VIN|ING VCIs with product numbers from 1000 will also be available with Softing VCF support from the outset. Operating system support is provided as a standard for Windows, Android, Linux and iOS.

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